What Can We Do For You?

Specific programmes for companies in the healthcare sector and start-ups.

For healthcare companies

Transformation Plan

Empresas del sector salud

Fully-blown programs of 12-18 months where we work hand-in-hand with the client to achieve a true digital transformation of its organization. At the end of this project we will have established the basic strategy, training processes, and tracking systems for your company to manage autonomously the digital agenda in the future. We have successfully conducted these types of programs in the past with top clients like Danone, Unilever, Heineken or Johnson & Johnson.

These programs are highly customizable and can be adapted to fit the needs and development stages of the client. However, it normally includes the following:

Strategy Lab

Brand Health Strategy:

The favourite of big brands: Hiper practical workshop that will help you understand how to bring to life in digital your brand positioning through a consistent online strategy. Includes a basic intro training to how to use Google’s free tools to generate winning consumer insights.

Digital Health Audit:

The goal here is to help you save money from day 1. Essential for anyone taking change seriously. C-level executives love to see the quick payback this type of actions have for the organization.

  • Content Audit
  • Audit of the agency ecosystem (media, creative, digital and PR)
  • Audit of media plans, both off and online

Knowledge Lab

Health Monitoring:

Train teams to evaluate the evolution of ¡digital activities. Establish fundamental KPIs for each goal and define a simple, but compelling dashboard to maintain the company aligned behind a common goal.

Sanity Check:

Quarterly meetings with the senior sponsor of the project (CEO or CMO) to evaluate how the transformation plan is evolving. It can be done for projects run by Digital Labs or those conducted by the company on its own.

Digital Healthcare Academy:

Train the teams and integrate digital in a natural way in all business decisions. Training adapted to the world of healthcare to obtain an efficiency level in all the main digital media, from search engines and social media to online video. Always critical in a world in constant evolution.

For start-ups

Innovation Lab

Bussiness Development
  • Define a product strategy or improvement to the business model that will enhance the opportunity for success.
  • Enhance the opportunities to succeed at start-up events.
  • Help in the discovery of new sources of funding.
  • Help identify a good “exit strategy” and appropriate business partners.

Brand Lab

Winning Branding Basics
  • Establish a solid Brand positioning that should serve as a guide for all marketing activities.
  • Define the brand’s content strategy or the development of advertising campaigns, with a focus on video.
  • Develop the optimum media strategy (both on and off) to launch the brand or company.